Sunday, September 25, 2016

On being slightly unsteady

Today I am ordering a cane from Amazon, as soon as somebody wakes up and can sign me up for that Prime thing for free, two day shipping.
I need a cane.
I am unsteady most of the time, having lost some of that important balance business from the chemo. It didn't come back when the chemo ended, like the feeling in my feet and fingers didn't come back. My hair did come back, but not my sense of balance.
That's shot to shit.
If I turn around too fast. If my feet get tangled up when I try to get out of the way from somebody. If I have to go up stairs in a hurry. If I try to walk on an uneven pavement or parking lot. If I am tired or walking in the dark.
I sway and look like I'm drunk.
I have a cane from when Herb needed it. It is brown and ugly and makes me feel like an old lady, well, I am an old lady, but I could be older and this cane would be more appropriate.
So the one I'm going to order stands up all by itself. That's cool because often I have to lean it against something and it falls and clacks like a gunshot on the floor, causing everyone in the vicinity to stare at me. Most of the time, they are kind enough to offer to pick it up, but that makes me feel like I am so far gone I can't even do that because of being crippled and/or old.
The Hurrycane. That's what I'm ordering. I wanted it in silver but evidently you have to order off the website for a silver one and I want that free two day shipping from Prime.
Since I rarely order anything online, this is a big deal! If only K would wake up!!!!
Husband ordered the rental of one of those 4 wheel carts for me to use in Dizzyworld. We have it for the whole time we will be there.
Today, he asked me if I needed the laptop for the trip. The others have their little tablet thingers and I will have no way of checking my email. I think I may need to use his old one, the one he gave to kid #1 because I said I didn't want it.  Well, now I think I may need it, just to get my email.
Perhaps I spoke too soon.
For once, somebody listened....

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  1. I watched my sister fumble with her cane way too much, so I know whereof you speak. I hope you have good times with your Hurrycane. And keep your wry sense of humor. Hugs!!