Friday, August 25, 2017

Everything is always about me

Well, isn't it supposed to be?
I mean, why do I write this bloody blog if it isn't to let off steam or comment on something weird I have thought about or witnessed?

I noticed that I had not blogged since late June. It's not that nothing has happened to me since then, it's just that, well, frankly, I've been too sick to write anything other than piddly comments on FB.

I've been hospitalized with Contact Pneumonia. That means that, unlike the other times I've had pneumonia, this one I got from someone else. Possibly from Elyse who picked up the germs at a convention she went to. The kids say that everybody gets sick after cons. I believe them. Everybody here got colds. I got a worse cold.

This pneumonia is the kind that can kill.
Just my luck

We were supposed to be on our way to NC. Instead, we were first at a critical care place then to the emergency room at the local hospital, then upstairs in the ICMU. I think the M stands for the fact that I could walk and didn't need the bedpan, but I am not sure.

Shots in my belly. Antibiotic drip for three days. IV tube in hand as they couldn't find another place it would go. Horrible tasteless-without-salt food that I didn't eat much of. In fact, I dropped 12 pounds.

This wasn't fun. I couldn't walk far, couldn't breathe well, had to do all these things through the night when somebody came in to get blood or give me a shot of Prednisone (sp) or anything else they needed from my body.

I am sort of over this. Still exhausted, still have to stop from walking too fast, still feeling punk.

Then, last night, I got sick again...this time, some virus or something that had me in the toilet for four hours. Not fun. Really not fun.

I have to get better, fast. Herb is having shoulder surgery on 9 11 and he will be out of commission for six weeks at the very least. I gotta be there to help him and maintain the household.

Oh, boy.