Friday, June 23, 2017

Flying down to Rio (Carioca) 1933 (3a)

Flying Down to Rio

1933 was a great year for imaginary relative, Uncle Boris. First, he wrapped up his ape-dance on King Kong, then he drew a pencil mustache on his kisser and danced the carioca with Fred and Ginger in the above named flick.
I didn't know this until I happened to catch this movie on TCM an hour ago and noticed not only Uncle Boris, but his soon to be wife Aunt Ernestine as his dancing partner.
In the first part of the movie, she was a platinum blonde along with  Ginger and the rest of the gypsies. Then, when the movie moved to Rio de Janiero, she either wore a dark wig or dyed her hair. You can see her in the V formation, right in the middle. She's hamming it up with flashing blue eyes and a seductive tilt of her head while all the other dancers are concentrating on remembering the intricate steps.
Ah. It must have been rewarding to appear on screen with such fabulous stars as Gene Raymond (married to Jeanette McDonald), Fred and Ginger and the fabulous Eric Blore who made a handy living by playing various second or third fiddles or butlers or hoteliers. Oh, yeah. The Star? One Delores Del Rio. Supposed to be a Brazilian beauty.
I found it odd that everyone spoke English.