Monday, September 12, 2016

Anybody need advice?

While sitting in the car in front of the post office, I noticed the storefront across the street was empty. It is usually at least some kind of business, from take out restaurant to bodega to Filipino something or other, but it was empty, again.
Then it hit me. Brilliance does not come often, but this was spectacular!
No food. No clothing. No liquor. No tai kwon do, however it is spelled.
I wondered if there had ever been a place to go if one needed advice.
No tarot card reading. No palm reading. No psychiatry. No psychology. No Lucy from Peanuts.
Just advice.
"Hey, I found lipstick on my husband's underwear. Should I approach him about it or let it go?"
"I need a vacation but have no idea where would be nice for me."
"My brother in law is an asshole. Should I still try to tolerate him?"
"My mom keeps telling me to get a job. I'm only 11. What should I do?"

"My sister takes all my stuff. Should I rat her out to my mother that she's been smoking?"

"I need to gain wait. How do I go about doing that?" (Like anybody ever said that.)
"Why do they have daylight savings time?"
"Should I take horseback riding lessons or violin lessons?"
This kind of stuff.
Stuff I could answer.
And charge money for, but not a whole lot of money. Couple of bucks for an astute answer.
Unbiased responses, unless you're a bigot and then you'd get an earful.
Do you think I should set up shop?



  1. I just bought a home in an area with no Taco Bell. Should I move again?

  2. LOL! This is a great idea for a story. Your next heroine! :-)