Saturday, August 28, 2021

Today I lost my domain name. no longer existed.  

I've had this domain name since 1996 and, suddenly, I didn't.

This week, this summer, this year has been horrible for me and the rest of the world.

And then, I didn't exist.

Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing, considering how crappy things have been.

But I do exist and I do want to keep on existing and all the pain and sorrow I have felt, and the rest of the world has suffered, has been for nothing.

Well, perhaps some oppressed people have managed to leave their desert, but at the cost of US military and civilians who dared defy their enemies.

That's just what the world has suffered.

Add the freaking virus killing more people who did not need to die!

Yes, I'm feeling pretty awful, but there are others, after all, who feel much, much worse.

God bless us, every one!