Sunday, March 29, 2015

On third thought

Another one of those eye-opening showers this morning. I kept thinking about the times I should have kept my mouth shut rather than express my opinion because my opinion was invariably met with far more than eye-rolling. In fact, quite a few people have excluded me from friendship because of what I think and feel.

Some of the times I actually do regret what I might have said to a particular person about something I knew to be wrong. Lots of blindness when it comes to what is right nowadays.  And I've said so.  And thus lost people who had been friends.

But, ya know what?
After years go by and the truth turns out to be exactly what I said, no one has come back and apologized.  And, of course, I had nothing to apologize for.

And doesn't that make me sound like a raving bitch?

Yes, yes it does.

On my tombstone, I have already declared that this should be written in granite:
                                She was right.

Monday, March 16, 2015

You know that Mermaid Arms story? The one I've been writing forever? Yeah, that one

There is a slight problem with the Mermaid Arms.  I will attend to it. All I need is another month.
The conference is this Friday.