Sunday, November 24, 2013

After the Doctor

Well, yesterday should have satisfied everyone's need for the big 50th anniversary blowout about Doctor Who.

As usual, I got confused over most of the story.  It contradicted so many Doctor things about time and space and forget Einstein!  But to alleviate the Doctor's great guilt...hmm.

And sticking in a Doctor 8A was truly weird.

I've seen the entire evolution...not all the episodes as so many are lost...and I find the more sophisticated recent stories rather showy, using CGI when the earlier Doctors had monsters made from old rugs and cardboard.

Technology!  That's what the old Doctor Who was and still is all about.  Perhaps that is why I get lost sometimes.  Then I have to figure out what is real technology from what is imaginary.  That whole bit with the sonic screwdrivers left me in the dark.  But they got out of the Tower of London, and that was what the plot needed.

Ah, it was fun sitting in front of the television for two days, absorbing what I could of the history of the show and the actors.  I learned some things.

What was the coolest thing, however, was seeing Tom Baker as the museum curator at the end.  That voice of his still sends chills up my spine!