Friday, December 27, 2019


I thought about doing a year end post. List all the stuff you did, an inventory of the goings and comings. So, I did, after going over my planner calendar and marking what had happened.

Seems we went to Shop Rite and Costco nearly every week, except when Herb went alone because I couldn't be bothered showering and getting dressed at the crack of dawn.

Not too bad, really. At least it meant getting out of the house.

Then, oh, yeah, besides the numerous doctor visits for sugar and cancer check ups, I added the orthodontist. My teeth, I am happy to say, have really straightened out, but I still have to go until August.

Then there were the various times we had no bathrooms because both the upstairs rooms were redone. Going out to pick out tiles and tubs and sinks took up some precious time along the way.

Lest we forget the work on the floor in the room that has no name and the hallway between the bedrooms, west wing and east wing.
Add to that the redo of the deck surrounding the 20 year old pool. I haven't been in the pool in five years.

Now, let's see. We went on a mini vacation out to Lancaster when K had a sale out there. Did some exploring of the bucolic countryside.
We went down south to Emerald Isle for over a week.

Then the stuff started about the RV. I don't want to discuss that.

Then Herb surprised me with this cruise thing which led to the purchase of the RV thing.
We used it for a long weekend around Halloween.

Let me see. Have I missed anything? Probably.

It was a very expensive year.

Then K developed more physical problems. 
Then Elyse got married.
Then I still hurt over my mom's passing.

But I also made some money editing, which is always interesting.

I forgot the LSFW conference, too, in March. That was revitalizing.

That's it, I believe. All 365 days in a few lines.

All in all, it was not too boring and my teeth are getting straighter, which is good.

Friday, December 20, 2019 very old

This is me. Unvarnished and in the flesh, a week ago. 
I look like shit.

This was for my daughter's wedding...I tried to look my best. The hair is good, though.

Now if you are wondering why I never attend's why.

This is what I used to look like. So long ago, there was no color, only black and white.