Thursday, December 14, 2023

'Tis the season

Well, here it is, Christmas. 

Ten days away. I have done nothing but order some candy from Vermont Country Store and watch Monarch on tv. Putting Doctor Who off for later. Can only take so much excitement.

Monday I go for mammogram and bone density tests. Fun fun fun. Then next day Karyn has some stuff  at yet another doctor. Nothing for me until after January when I see the oncologist then primary. Of course I will worry.

I do that so well, I ought to be in the Olympics.

Baking to do, decorating to do...I thought the house would be Hallmark style. Might get there.

The outside of the house is bedecked with penguins. Herb has had his way with the front. Last year he even put lights up in the back.

The little fake tree is up from the cellar, but without decorations. Got to have stuff on it...after all, it is Christmas! 

Wait. I sent out all the Christmas cards. That ought to count

for something accomplished!

Merry Christmas, everyone!