Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Twerker

My kid invented twerking.
I think.
I'm not exactly sure what twerking is, but I've seen people doing it as a joke on TV. You stick your butt out and wiggle it to music, right? Kinda foul, kinda stupid in an adult.
Cute in a little kid.

My kid--back a long time ago when she was about 4--used to stick out her butt and wiggle it, all the while singing loud and clear "Bacheechala"! She made up the word, made up the move, sang in her beautifully clear, loud voice, and made everybody laugh at her sheer joy.

Fast forward about 25 years. Twerking becomes a vulgar thing. People are doing it, watching dwarf women in Atlanta do it on TV, watching Miley Cyrus thrust out her butt and nearly wiggle it off. Doing it in clubs, too, I understand. (Not being a club person, I can't say for sure.)

Then I learn there is a game icon from one of the Mario games who twerks at his enemies...called Warrio or something like that.

My kid, who originated the move, thinks this is stupid of the character, but hilarious. She's even copied the character in her fan art.

Unfortunately, the character passes gas at his enemies while he twerks at them. I'm afraid, and glad, that this was not in the original version.

Thanks, K.