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Liz Atwater returns to Asbury Park after a rough time on the West Coast has left her doubting herself. But she is a Jersey girl, through and through. It takes the hunky PI upstairs to show her you can never take the Jersey out of a real Jersey girl.
John Preshin has a great deal on his mind and a hard case to solve. Can he locate the father of the sixteen-year-old girl who gets dumped on his doorstep? All he has is a list to go by, and his name is the first one on it. Oh, yeah. He also has to catch a killer. Once that's done, maybe he can fall in love....

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Nothing you can do can wash that out of your prep-table. Chef and Art-Historian Abby Porter briefly thought she had it all. That is, until she found her boyfriend getting "friendly" with somebody else in her loft kitchen. Guess he won't be getting that ticket to England...
Selling his title would get Ian Wincott the money he needs to keep a promise. If he does that, he'll lose fifteen centuries of heritage and the secret his family guards. On the surface, it looks like he has it all. He knows he needs help, and the last thing he thinks he needs is love. However, what he needs most of all is Abby. 

The sequel to Glory Days, Dancin' In the dark follows Carly Snow Preshin through her trial by fire.  A recent college grad left alone to tend her father's office, Carly is sure it won't be a problem if she does just a little of his investigative work. Especially if he isn't going to find out...

Sheila has no place in her life for midnight visitations full of blood and sex. Could the dreams be sent by her wild-child sister?  Jim Ryan finds her in a nightclub that entertains Goths and vampires. Since he is the appointed Lignarius, it is his job to rid the world of nightwalkers. But he's already dispatched a young female vamp. How can he be seeing her again?
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The second in the Lignarius series, Dead Meat finds Jim a little bit in love and a little bit in trouble. With wild dogs tearing people apart in the streets of Charleston and a little girl suddenly in the picture, this is going to be one hell of a Halloween. 
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When a noted physicist and pessimist meets a positive psychic, sparks--and accusations--fly. He has ADHD and doesn't know it. She's fancied him forever...but can't admit it. And then there are the ghosts who just want the living to leave everything just the way it was. Can an unhappy couple of sneaky specters give them a ghost of a chance at falling in love?