Saturday, July 30, 2016

Vacation review

So, we drove down to NC. Took us two days because we're getting too old to drive nine hours straight.
The back ache started then.
It continued throughout the whole week. Excruciating pain that I tried my best to hide.

There were times that I just climbed into the bed and lay there, waiting for the fake Advil to work. It didn't help too much.

All the work I intended to do on my story didn't get done. My gmail refused to accept my passwords, stating that someone was hacking into my account.
It was me.
So much for that.

I did work on two other people's stuff, getting it done in time to have them post their stories on Amazon.

And, probably because I was suffering in silence and not including anyone else in my misery, I was rewarded with a dream that I managed to write down--a complete story, beginning to end. I will write it right after I finish Mermaid.

Life is bizarre.

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