Thursday, July 7, 2016

It just ain't fun any more

Let me start out by saying that I have a terrible temper. Keeping it under control is difficult, but most of the time, I can manage. But repeated attacks on my control wear me down and eventually, I will let it loose. The tiger gets out of the cage, King Kong breaks his chains, Godzilla rises from the depths and I blow up.
If there are other people who suffer from this same affliction, and it must be an affliction as it doesn't seem right, it doesn't seem natural, it seems more like something Jesus wouldn't do.
Oh, wait!
Jesus lost his temper with the guys selling stuff outside the temple and went around wrecking their tables and throwing a hissy fit! It says that in the BIBLE somewhere. So...while most of the time, Jesus was going around barefoot, being kind to dead guys, blind guys, lepers, his mother...his buddies, even the people who set Him up to be crucified.
Hey...He could have zapped them and walked away. He could then have zapped every other person who got in His way and been King of Kings.
But, for some reason I still have trouble figuring out, He didn't. He kept His cool and allowed Himself to suffer a horrible death.
Well, I can't be like Jesus.
I have been pushed to the brink and my temper is simmering, no-- maybe it's boiling by now.
I feel the burn in my gut.
The lava of fury is rising.
When I break, it's gonna be explosive as all hell.
Sorry, Jesus.
No Klondike bars for me.

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