Sunday, August 7, 2016

Signing my life away

Did you ever wonder how good your credit rating was?
There are all those ads on TV for free credit scores...or not free credit scores and I must admit, I did wonder a little.
I used to pay all the bills around here. Then husband retired from his real job and he took over the finances with a much bolder stroke than I ever would. I used to pay bills in full except sometimes for the credit cards. I always paid more than the minimum amount, but I had to guarantee I'd have some money left in the kitty to be able to, oh, I dunno, buy food.
So I involuntarily gave up my position as bill payer. I thought my credit score would then become non-existent.
I was wrong.
So, today whilst signing some 40 papers put in front of me, I saw my credit score. Mine! Mine alone!
And it was very good.
Sort of.
I think it's pretty much bunk.
When I got sick, I couldn't be depended upon to do math of any kind, so I didn't play with the check book. There was a time when I couldn't sign my name legibly.
Now that I'm sort of better, my hands still do not always cooperate when it comes to my signature. I don't use credit cards. I pay for groceries from a debit thing and sign on that little machine thing.
That's about it.
Haven't written a check in a long time. So how can I have a credit score?
Ah, sweet mysteries of life!

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