Saturday, March 12, 2016


Speaking of FB--someone wrote that people keep asking to friend her, people she doesn't know. She wondered why people want to friend her.
I met this woman, a fellow author, once, long ago. She was sweet.
So I wrote back that people like to accumulate friends...sometimes they have a goal...want to reach 1000 friends, 2000, more before they are cut off.
It makes some people feel important to have all these friends look at their stuff. If these friends actually do look at their stuff.
There used to be an advertisement on television where some teenaged looking girl is so proud to have 600 friends on FB. When asked if she knew them, she just stared blankly at the camera.  Of course she doesn't know all these people, much less consider them friends.
FB is a good way to advertise your writing, a good way to show the world how you feel and what you had for dinner. As for the advertising, you can reach even more people if you pay to advertise, which I do not.
But my 300 friends! I love you all, I think.
I've been rather picky about accepting your friendship.
Sometimes, on my author page, people "like" it and I have nothing to say about it. I have some likes from all over the globe, mostly Africa.  Reaching out, that's what it is.
I guess somehow, I make people feel better to have stolen their way onto my page.
No, I will never visit Nigeria, even if you are a prince or a king. There are snakes, lions and giant bugs in Africa. 
No thank you!

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