Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Keeping posted

I write these blogs that nobody sees.
I write my heart out and nobody cares to comment.  That's probably because they haven't seen the blogs!
I used to pour my heart out on LiveJournal. Then the Russians bought it and my entries got very screwed up and unreadable.  All those words, all those actual stories, I do hope are still in the archives, but to be safe, I printed out copies of them. So my stories are in a folder on paper.  Only problem is that the type font is about a 4 and to get them into the computer will take years.
Why do I bother?
I've always kept journals. I've written while under duress, under stress, in hospitals, on vacation, while sitting in misery and happiness...I've written down my feelings.
Sincerely, I doubt anyone will really give a damn about my words. Years from now, providing there isn't an end of the world, perhaps one of my descendants will find something with my name on it, in a long forgotten vault or stack of paper, and read what I have to say.
Fat chance.
This seems to be nothing more than a place for me to vent.
So be it.


  1. There are plenty of us who care! There's just SO MUCH stuff out here now it's crazy. I can't even keep up. Live journal stuff is all still there. I'd be happy to help you recover it after Tax Season. <3 You will always be my first author friend and have a super special place in my heart.

  2. I know how often writing feels like spitting in the wind. It matters, though. I truly believe that.

  3. Hardly anyone comments on my blog, but there are people looking at it. There is, as Jenn said, so much stuff! However, I always read your stuff--even if I don't always comment. There aren't enough hours in any given day. :-(

  4. I've enjoyed your journals over the years, even though I may not have commented. Keep on journaling!