Thursday, March 10, 2016

Foodie stuff

I  thought about writing a food blog, being one of those people who eat in restaurants all over a certain city and take a photo of what they order then go on to describe how good or bad it was.
Problem: I don't live in a city and most of the food I do not prepare for myself and my family comes from any one of four Chinese take out places within a five mile radius of our house.

Sometimes we get pizza.

Tonight I gave my husband a choice. We can have country spare ribs for supper or we can have Chinese food. Just said it softly, planting the seed of inspiration. I wasn't even sure whether he heard me or not because he's so hard of hearing.
I guess he did hear me.

So, we decided to take food over to Mom's so she could have something different to eat, even though she claims not to be able to taste anything. (What a pity!)

This one particular restaurant offers Wor Shu Duck, a personal favorite of mine. It's never prepared the same way in any restaurant that offers it. Never.
Tonight's was absolutely delicious.
Different than I've ever had it.
I'd do it again if I could be guaranteed it would be done this same way.

No photos, sorry.
It was good.
Duck is good. Skin was crispy. Meat tender. Sauce and veggies lovely.

We even got free cans of soda.

So, even though today was a real nothing day from lack of sufficient sleep, supper made up for it.

Every once in awhile, not cooking country style spare ribs is a good thing.
We'll have them tomorrow.

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