Monday, March 21, 2016

The Writers' Conference

Once a year I get to go to my Liberty States Fiction Writers' Conference. Two days out of my year, out of my life, that I consider more educational than four years of college and three trips to Disneyworld. Without the rides, though, and no little kid voices echoing through my head for a week or more.
Anyway, this was MY weekend.

Over a hundred, dunno exact numbers but it looked like a thousand, people who live, eat, and breathe writing out their thoughts, or reading the thoughts of others for the sheer pleasure of escape.

An opportunity to learn, but more importantly, interact with these people.

One is never, ever too old to learn. Even the ladies who tidy up the hotel rooms have something to teach us all.

I did not pitch The Mermaid Arms because I haven't touched it in months.  But I did get a boost of motivation, which I really needed. Many people are anxious for me to finish the story. I will do it.
I do keep on promising this, don't I?

We shall see.
But thank you to every single person who attended the conference...I think I spoke to most of you and learned so much!

See ya next year!!!

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  1. I agree with you, Irene. The Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference was a great motivational tool. Especially Hank Phillippi Ryan's kick-ass workshop Jumpstart Your Writing. Just what I needed. I hope it works for you, too.