Friday, July 27, 2018

Boss 'n' Me Around

Yes, I am a big fan. He represents the wild New Jersey of my secret life...basically the summer of 1965 with Sandy down the shore. We saw him there, on the boardwalk. Did not know what he would become.

But, as usual, I digress.

I had a dream this morning that lasted a very long time.

It involved me singing backup for Bruce while he started work on an epic, the song that would be the end all of all his creations.

Only trouble is, he was working on it in a small meadow near a river/lake, with great acoustics because of the rise of land on either side. There were more than ten backup people and the band, but he was weeding people out who couldn't follow directions, who couldn't sing, who offered nothing to the composition.

Yeah, me. I was left with about five other people after a long process of him writing down words and music, eliminating what didn't work. I suggested one word change (my superior editing skills and vocabulary) and he used it. More people came. The day wore on.
Then it rained. Heavily. (pictures of flooding on the news here)

I had to wade through up to the top of my boots because he insisted on working in that same place. The water eventually ebbed.

Then two famous people came by to sing with him, along with Bigfoot, who had a great bass voice.

I was now working with him on the wording...waiting to see what would happen.

I woke up.

Thanks for the recognition, Bruce!

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