Sunday, July 1, 2018

Me on YouTube

Well,well, well. I have hit the bigtime.

As you may know, my daughter has a YouTube channel.
She has been working on it for about a year and most of the time she opens boxes of foreign treats and tastes some of them so people can judge for themselves whether they're worth trying. Or buying the box.

She and her sister film in her apartment or in our living room or lately, in her old bedroom.
Karyn seldom appears on camera, but when they do anime conventions and K is selling her artwork, sometimes she gets caught in the lens.

Today, I was asked to be in a video.

Several weeks go, we got a suitcase of some of my old dolls as my nephew was cleaning out my mother's attic.

They were all just about 60 years old and in pretty bad shape, but they wanted to go through it and get my stories about the dolls. For them, let's face it, it is nearly ancient history.

So, I did it.

I told stories about my dolls.

Nostalgia caught me and I am afraid I went on a little too much.

If I sound like an idiot, I do hope the kid will edit me out.

But, when it gets put up on Wednesday, I will include the link for you all.

The very last doll I received is killer....

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