Friday, August 17, 2018

Body Parts

Old story.
The parts of the body were arguing over which was most important.
The brain stated, "I am, because I do all the thinking for the body and the world."

After some short time, the heart responded, "No, I am, because I deal with the relationships and love and sort things out that way. You must admit, I am the most important body part."

After a long time, the lowly anus decided to say something. "You're both good parts, and useful, but I am the most useful of all. Without me, you all are nothing."

Aghast, the other body parts all protested. "No way. Idiot. What does it think it is?"

So, the anus decided to prove its point and shut down. Completely.

The brain started to get fuzzy, unable to think of anything but the bathroom.
The heart actually started pumping erratically, missing some beats altogether. 
Every other part of the body got really messed up.

Finally, after a week, the body called on the anus. "Oh, please! You were right! You are the most important part of us all."

Smugly, the anus released its grip
to the relief of the entire bodily organization.

So, we know which part of the body is the most important, the most valuable.

Sometimes I wonder which part I am.