Friday, November 11, 2016


I am tempted to write "we have seen the monster and it is us."

Then I sit here and think...I still have faith in the Constitution. I have faith in the system of checks and balances set up by those old guys back in 1789 when they came up with the rules of our land.

Their problems were different. They were mostly rich white landowners hoping to avoid the rule by the masses, until they realized that it was those very same masses who fought for and won our independence from the "tyranny" of King George.

We all have a voice. We have the duty to inform our legislators what we want, what we think is fair and unbiased, what we truly believe.

Get out your pens. Your typewriters. Your email methods. Find out who your representatives in Congress (that's the House and Senate) and make sure you keep writing to them. Let them know where you stand and where you expect them to stand.

It's always, always up to us.
It is our right and our duty.

Don't just sit it.

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