Monday, November 28, 2016

The new door

We changed our front door. We had a half-glass storm door that opened out to a small mud-room like affair.
This was the only cute thing about our Cape Cod of the reasons I liked it. Built like a small guard house type thing, like something that should have been covered with candy canes and gumdrops...that sort of look.

Whatever, I liked it.
But, as all things go, husband hated that glass front thing. He wanted a front door that would open inward, but because of the little guard house looking thing, the door had to open out. It needed about a foot more to allow a door to open inside.

Well, we bought a Craftsman style door. He and our neighbor rebuilt the guard house out a foot more. They found some rotten boards in the old part that had to be replaced, so they did.

I wanted some sort of stone halfway up the sides and front, but that idea got nixed. I long for it, but NO.

Anyway, he let me pick out the new light fixture for inside and a new doorbell.

Light came last week, will be installed when the insulation and sheet rock are up.
Today, the doorbell came.

Only we had to be notified by email that it came because there was no doorbell for the delivery guy to ring.

Ironic, no?

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  1. I laughed a little bit at the part where you had to be emailed that your doorbell was being delivered. Yes, a little bit ironic. I am sorry to hear that some of your ideas for the new door were shot down, but I hope you are enjoying the final result. It sounds great!