Tuesday, April 16, 2013


All right.  Three dead so far in Boston over this horror show.  Another horror show in my country.  I'm pissed.
So, the news on television has only been about this.  The broadcasts missed the senator from Mississippi getting an envelope with RICIN, a deadly poison, in it.  That also was the mark of a saboteur or a crazy.
Theories abound.
Many false stories have been reported. YouTube and Facebook allow people to put up anything and no one can know for sure if it is true on not. Snopes.com finally put up a rumor/conspiracy fact list, but not everybody will bother to look at that.  I did.
Now...I have a personal theory.  This is mine, maybe shared by others, maybe not.  But after some consideration, I realized this: If an outside the US group had done this, they'd have claimed responsibility for the bombs along with some sort of reason for what they did and how they hoped everyone would die who got caught with their deadly schrapnel.
So far, nobody has done this, unless the police/FBI/State Police/ATF are keeping it quiet.
The month of April is full of anniversaries that are pretty ugly.  Waco, Oklahoma City to name just two.  Tax day was yesterday and everybody hates the IRS.  Who knows what else happened in April that crazies might want to avenge?
So, I think whoever made and planted those bombs was an insider, a crazy, someone with a grievance against someone or something in our country.  Not somebody from the Middle East.  Not somebody from Russia. Korea, why, they want to blast us out of existence with nuclear warheads...why would they settle for a pressure cooker bomb?
See?  Everybody who hates us outside wants to cause mass destruction, like the kind experienced in 9-11.
This, serious as it was and will be, is piffle to what these maniacs want...this was hardly utter destruction to the United States.
I don't know who really planted the bombs.  I have no real clue.  I just used my writer's brain and came up with this stuff.  The logic part of me vs. the illogical part of the crazy or crazies who put those bombs together.
A long time ago, Karyn made me watch some German movie starring this guy she likes...and for now I cannot remember his name.  It concerned a group of dissidents living in Berlin when it was divided.  They planted bombs in some derelict buildings...the bombs were made with pressure cookers.  Some of the bombs never exploded.  Then, with the unification, the buildings where the UXBs remained were set to be torn down and the group, widely separated and living "normal" lives, realized that the bombs could go off and hurt innocent people now.  There were also taped recordings of the group and their threats that were in the hands of the police.  So if the bombs did go off, the cops would know where to find the makers who no longer quite felt so dissident.
The essence of the movie was them getting together now and trying to get to the bombs and get the tapes from the police.  This all was in German and I do not remember how it ended, except that the hero got caught and had to escape and his old girlfriend had to help him, even though she was married to somebody else and had a kid.
Similar bombs?  Did the perpetrator get the idea from this movie?
According to the news, there are websites that detail how to make such a bomb.
I don't know, but I wonder, just like everybody else.
Bless Boston and the people who suffered at the hands of these crazies.


  1. i was with you until you completely butchered the plot of "was tun wenn's brennt"
    no bomb they planted as kids ever went off.
    12 years later, a bomb DID go off and they had to destroy the evidence that they had originally planted it, not out of any fear of hurting innocent people. just out of fear of being cought NOW, when they were all grown up. they build a bomb to destroy the evidence that tied them to the old bomb.
    the woman with the kid was not his old girlfriend but the other girl in the group, nele. her husband had left her with a school age girl and a baby.
    his old girlfriend (flo) was about to marry her fiance. she wanted nothing to do with things after making the second bomb to blow up the evidence. and the day the whole heist to blow up the evidence was her engagement party. she did eventually show up. at one point they go out and he rips the hood ornament off her car to impress her with how PuNk he still is, but she is not impressed because she grew up and he never did.
    tim was never caught and needing to escape--hotte snuck in with the second bomb not realising the evidence was in a room that would be locked on the inside and they had to break in to save him.
    flo eventually shows up just in time with a getaway vehicle. the old cop realises that they were right and even though he saw them he says he can't remember who they are so they get away with it.
    the movie ends with them on the train, free and safe, cuddling. (maiki and 'terror' are there too, having driven the FIRST getaway car.) it's pretty much established that they love each other and will always be family but this was a last hoorah and he is just not enough of an adult.

    1. The movie was in German. This is what I got out of it. Whatever, it was about a pressure cooker bomb, sweetie.

  2. Irene-
    I said the exact same thing. If it had been any of the anti american groups overseas they would be grabbing the spotlight right now.
    It tears me up to see what my hometown is going through. The people of Boston are strong and they will survive and prosper. My prayers are with them all.