Sunday, April 21, 2013

What one can and cannot do

Well, seems that I have run into the censorship of my daughters once again.
I am currently working on a sequel to my unvampire story, Dead Dreams.  It involves a young man with the onerous job of vampire exterminator. He works for the Vatican and is referred to as the Lignarius, which basically means "one who fixes".

Well, in the sequel, there has to be something hot, but he and his new girlfriend are separated by a few hundred miles while he is in Charleston, SC and she is somewhere in New Jersey.  But while he's in a hot steamy shower after a day of investigating vampires, a woman actually comes into the shower with him.  He thinks it is his girlfriend and the woman does not disavow that...but she will not let him see her.  Did I mention that he is extremely na├»ve?

So, I had cut a bit of that scene out and put it up on Facebook.  There is only some shower touching in there, I cut it before the woman grabs hold of anything.

The daughters went bazonk. Yes, I put it up on my author page.  NOTHING HAPPENS. But the ladies who know more the ins and outs of Facebook screamed that it was going to get me taken off FB and perhaps worse. 

I guess I am unable to distinguish where innocuous ends and porn begins.

Dead Meat is half done.  It will only be a novella because I can't do vampire stuff favorably...I leave that to my friends.  I have a third story in notes, too, which I intend to call Really Dead. Or Dead Enough.  Just another time waster because I can't seem to get on with my World War II story.

Then there is the Alan Rickman concert pianist story I just dreamed up, and the list goes on and on.
My hope is that I truly live long enough to write all my stories and get them published somewhere.  And in this, I know, I am not alone.

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