Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Childhood trauma!!!


This song came out when I was six years old and still believed in you know who.
No, not Valdemort.

The thought of some kid not getting anything for Christmas terrified me. Not the little brat who sang it, but that any other kid might not get anything...!
I was too young to think about poor kids.
Or kids in Africa or China who didn't celebrate Christmas. As far as I knew, these places didn't exist and since Santa went around the world on Christmas Eve, surely he'd stuff things in their stockings.

Now, if you listen to the song, the child singing it is a shit. But, not a real juvenile delinquent. That was a big term going around back in the 50s. Bad kids went to detention after school or a home for bad kids and they were always boys. Granted. Only boys were that rotten as to do anything that would get them into real trouble.

But then the little shit has the temerity to blame somebody for snitching on him!

As it so happens, Shirley Temple originated the song, back in the 30s. Now, you know she never did anything bad in her life!

Yet, I worried.
This was one of many songs sung by youngsters, like the ridiculous idea of wanting a hippo for the holiday, or not being able to sing carols because of a missing tooth. The 50s were full of songs extolling the virtues of being good at Christmas.
Gene Autry sang about Santy Claus coming down the lane to bring toys to good little girls and boys.
Rudolf had that nose that saved Christmas.

We were inundated with stories of the goodness involved in Christmas and each house had a little creche with a baby Jesus in a manger. Every one.

I still get a little pain in my stomach when I think of this silly song.

It might have been me! 
Well, you never know what will piss off Mommy and Daddy.

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