Wednesday, May 8, 2019

From the back of my mind

This came to me today.

When I was a wee wee tot,
Mommy bought me a weewee pot.
Now I weewee quite a lot
In my little weewee pot.

What causes these memories?

Last week, I called my older brother to sing a line from a song from back in the 50s...Honeycomb. I don't remember the singer, but Jack liked the song for some reason.

In these early days of 45 records, they weren't always pressed well and as a result, had parts that skipped.

This record of his had a terrible skip...

So I got me a girl and I kissed her again, and then, Oh, Lordy, well I'd do it all again do it all again do it all again do it all again

This went on until you touched the needle arm and moved it past the skip.

So I called Jack and sang it to him and he laughed at the memory.

I guess CDs don't have skips. Nobody really uses vinyl, not when it doesn't fit into your car or that thing you upload songs into and then play them while you jog or wash dishes or study.

Time to remember air raid shelters, bomb shelters, Sputnik, Korea, death of the last Confederate soldier...and I don't particularly want to do it all again....

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