Saturday, April 20, 2019

Top Ten Movies on a list

Last night, I tried desperately to get to sleep, so I tried praying. I tried not thinking. I tried not thinking about ghosts and Jesus on the cross.

I was so desperate, I thought of my  favorite movies, and making a list of ten of them, just to see if it would bore me to sleep.
Well, it is after 5 pm and I just got around to writing the list, if I can remember those I chose. No particular order, either.

1. Rocky

2. Forbidden Planet

3. Alexander Nevsky

4. The Philadelphia Story

5. Harvey

6. Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid

7. We Bought a Zoo

8. The Longest Day

9. Knights of Hollywood

10. Star Wars, the first one,which is the third one

I must admit that I forgot what I'd thought of around #7. #9 Might be Hollywood Knights. Alexander Nevsky is a silent Russian movie with one scene where he leads the whole Swedish army onto a frozen lake and they crash through the ice and die, thus saving Russia from Swedish domination. Funny, that.

Movies are meant to take one away from the here and now. Every one of these movies does that for me.

Volare! Oh, oh!

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