Saturday, February 18, 2017

These Liz Taylor as Cleopatra eyebrows

What's with eyebrows on models currently?
Are these exaggerated eyebrows some new craze? Is there some new product that makes eyebrows look as if they are stenciled on?
Remember when people had fits over Brooke Shields' bushy brows?
She survived without them being painted on. Did quite well.
And then there is the Jean Harlow pencil brows. I'm not a eyebrow goes that way naturally and the plucking involved must have been painful.
Unless the brows were shaved with a razor.
Dangerous to say the least.
I think I have to blame the Kardashians. With their generally dark hair, I would guess their faces would look rather naked with trim eyebrows.
Yet another thing to blame those poor girls for.
(It took me several pluckings back in my teen years to shape my eyebrows. I have never had anyone complain about them, after the swelling went down.)
And this photo was taken after the chemo that destroyed my eyebrows and lashes...I'd say nearly a year later judging from the length of my hair. Half an inch every month....

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