Saturday, February 11, 2017

I won't eat that

A true trial in my life.
This one won't eat this stuff. The other will eat one thing on that imaginary list, but adds more things on her own list.
Personally, I won't eat mangoes, lamb (makes me quite ill) or things that are spicy hot. Peppers, red, green, yellow or chilies--not good. Nasty tasting to me.
So, I can sort of understand why there are certain things my offspring would not and still, in their advanced ages, do not eat.
But really.
One won't eat fish unless it is with chips and fresh. One won't eat sauce on spaghetti but insists on marinara sauce for her mozzarella sticks. One won't eat fruit. One gags at the mere thought of feta cheese, yet yonks down all sorts of cheeses, even smelly ones or oozy ones.
Neither will eat sandwiches.
One hates jelly. The other has to have super salty food.
Can you imagine how difficult it was to feed them when they were babies?
I used to be a good cook. Before the kids came along, I more or less outdid myself nightly. Recipe collections? I have about 50 cookbooks and have used them all. Julia Child. Justin Wilson, Jacques Pepin, Betty Crocker, an assortment of books with recipes from Europe...all of 'em. Seafood, colonial American recipes, southern, Mexican...and about 30 different kinds of cookies at Christmas.
Then the babies came and our food choices went very PLAIN. Sigh. Buttered noodles. Hot dogs (one has to have Kosher beef ones, not the pork and beef ones their father loves) cut into coins. Chicken nuggets, hamburgers with cheese. Toasted cheese. And they insist on yellow American cheese, which I think tastes faker than the white kind.
Now, my husband only has a few things he won't eat. Mixed vegetables and pirogies top his rather short list. He will eat burnt food, too. He makes his own prodigious breakfasts every day, always with some sort of meat included. I don't do meat for breakfast.
Why am I writing about this? Because it is part of my life. In my books and stories, I feed my characters well. One book has a chef as the heroine. Another has all the characters living and working above a restaurant.Nobody starves or diets in my stories!
I enjoy food.
Especially pizza and lobster.
I have determined that I could exist for long periods of time on pizza and/or lobster.


  1. you wouldn't eat the amazing dinner we made last night because you "don't like chicken" so maybe cut us some slack. i have a highly restricted diet because of my migraines and how easily different foods make me vomit. i don't particularly ENJOY being a limited bland infant well into my 20s but what about my shithell life to i actually enjoy these days

  2. Sometimes you have just have too much chicken. I understand your limitations and I wrote this to be funny. Sheesh. Nobody can take a joke in this family any more.