Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gotta stop watching weird TV

Yes, I love all those UFO, ancient alien, historic ghost stories on television. When the H2 channel goes down, I will be most upset, but hopefully, one of the other channels will put on some NASA film clips of weird shit happening in outer space and soldiers gunning down strange beings on military bases, at least enough to keep my mind wandering.
But, perhaps, it goes too far.

I sort of want to see a UFO. I'm scared I might, but that doesn't keep me from looking up.

The other night, I was just about ready to head upstairs, but a steady light in the night sky drew my attention out the back door. Moving slowly, so slowly and soundlessly, what appeared to be a large black triangular shaped object floated across the sky directly over the back yard.
No noise.
Steady lights, not blinking like those on a plane or helicopter. Steady bright lights going north and west.

I watched it for five minutes, the time it took this thing to get perhaps half a mile or less away from me.

Okay. We get helicopters going north all the time. You can hear their clippity clippity motor/rotor sound as it echoes around the houses. Lights flashing red and white. There is a small airport somewhere in that direction that I know about...and I believe the Medivac chopper used to have to land there. But you can hear a chopper. It makes lots of noise, especially flying low.
This thing was floating a bit higher than a chopper usually flies around here.

What did I see? 11:55pm on Thursday 25 FEB 16?

This is the absolute wrongest thing for someone with a vivid imagination to behold.

Why was it so soundless? And so slow?

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