Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eat it

Commercials that show extremely thin, lovely models eating s'mores with the marshmallow and chocolate dripping over their fingers disgust me. That skinny woman who savors the tiniest tip of a Ghirardelli square so this itty bitty drop of caramel squeezes out...also makes me angry. The bitch taking a bite, A BITE, out of one of those Brookside candies with her eyes closed because it is so bloody sends her floating over the nearest desert.
I hate them.
I feel my hands fisting at my sides when these ads come on television.
Because a fat person can't even think of indulging in candy without somebody tsking or saying something about your weight, or overabundance of weight, if they see you enjoying candy. Or ice cream, cake, pie or pizza.
Fat people are supposed to suck down lettuce and enjoy it. It will make them skinny. It will enable them within seconds to be one of those thin models who enjoy chocolate.
I've got news, skinny commercial makers and models.
It doesn't work like that.
And, yes, there is great guilt associated with overeating or eating highly caloric food. If I don't eat candy or pizza or spaghetti and only eat salad, I'll be thin.
Chemotherapy will also make you thin. Wasting diseases will do it quicker than Marie Osmond can say Nutrisystem.
Genetics. Oh, well.
And if one more person says "carmel" instead of "caramel",  I will punch the television screen. I swear, I will.

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