Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jergens cold cream

Am I going to be beautiful when I grow up, Momma?”  Lulu stood slightly behind Maggie as she rinsed her face in the bathroom sink.
Maggie turned to her daughter and smiled. “Of course.  You’re beautiful now. What makes you think you wouldn’t be beautiful in a few more years?”
The child reached up to the sink and snagged the pink lid to the cold cream jar. She looked at the top then turned it over and found a dab of Jergens there.  Lulu touched it with her index finger then applied the goo to her cheek. By this time, Sally had joined her, standing slightly behind Maggie, but all three were in range of the mirror.
She watched as Sally boldly stuck her finger into the white jar and scooped out the tiniest amount of cold cream. She applied it to her cheek, smeared it around and grinned up at Maggie.
“Oh, my beautiful girls!”  Maggie knelt and hugged them both.  “Here, let’s get this rubbed into those rosy cheeks of yours and then off to bed.”

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