Friday, April 17, 2015

Cold cream

But Sally wiggled out of Maggie’s arms. She went closer to the sink and turned the jar around so that the label faced out where she could see it.  The three glamorous women on the label smiled seductively back at her.  Sally smiled.  Maggie thought she was trying to match their expressions…which was something for a seven year old redhead to do, but she managed to achieve at least little girl coy with her look.
“Ah, that’s us, isn’t it?  You, Lulu and me.  Blonde, redhead and brunette.”

“Momma!  Yes, that’s us!  Did you think of this before you had us in your tummy?”  Lulu peered through her glasses, her big blue eyes sparkling with mischief.
Maggie stood slowly. How to answer this?

“Yes. Your father and I planned on having two beautiful girls, one with lovely blond hair that curled better than Shirley Temple’s hair and the other with flame red hair that danced gloriously in the summer sunshine. Yes, we planned it quite well.  Of course, I had to be the brunette, to make things even.”

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