Thursday, October 10, 2013


For some reason, I can't get into working on the new story...the old story...the current story.  There are things going on at home that distract me from my purpose...other than the usual laundry, dinner prep, cleaning, straightening up.
The other day on some television show it was pointed out that women dwell on problems while men come up with a quick response and are able to let it go.  My dear husband falls asleep within five minutes of getting into bed while I stare up at the ceiling for hours. Last night it was near three before I stopped looking at the clock.  Too much on my mind.
Now...there may be drugs that enable a person to skip the horrors of the day, the tedious things that must be dealt with the next day or month or year. I would gladly take them if it would mean I could sleep like a man.
Like a man, not necessarily pick a man, any man, to sleep with.
I have my own, thank you, but, as I mentioned earlier, he falls asleep so fast I don't even get to say goodnight.

Too many things on my mind, too many unsolvable problems currently.

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