Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween in Charleston with the Lignarius

A commotion of noise and giggles spilled down the staircase.  It did Jim’s heart good to hear this.  Bailey proceeded down the steps, pausing at each one to preen and wave a small wand.
The rest of her costume defied description.  In fact, it defied the description of five or six different costumes.
The kid had on two different color tutus, black tights, a tie-dyed leotard, many, many necklaces of varying colors, rings of bracelets around her tiny arms and a sparkling crown atop her glistening blond hair.  Over it all was a massive purple cape.
Both men clapped for her majesty as she made it to the floor.
This was a different child from the one in the container yard.  This kid had laughter in her eyes and a wide smile upon her painted lips.  Heavy on the blue eye shadow, too. Abertha had spared nothing.
“Do you like my costume?” Bailey twitched with excitement.
“Yes, your majesty, I do like your costume, very much.”  Jim bowed from the waist.
“Well, let’s goooo!” The kid jumped from slippered foot to slippered foot.
“Okay, okay, hold your horses.” Jim would have liked to have spoken with Abertha but Bailey grabbed hold of his jacket and tugged.
And so they were on their way.

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