Sunday, October 7, 2012

Actors and characters

 A good friend recently wrote who she would cast were a movie to be made of her latest book.
I remember she asked me about three weeks ago who I thought could be in a movie, should it be bought and made and I came up with some names, but it was difficult because I don't keep up with movie and tv show stars.
Like, duh!
When I get my hair done every three months or so, the stylist hands me a copy of People or US or there's another one, I think, but it hasn't made a big impression on me. I flip through the pages and wonder...who the hell are these people?

So, okay, I guess I'm kind of stuck back in the Sam Elliot days, or even further back in time, to the Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck days.  Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Myrna Loy and Ginger Rodgers.  Hell, throw in Roy and Trigger and Dale and that's probably as far as I can go when it comes to casting people.

Oh, sure, I know there are other stars.  William Shatner, John Ritter, Sandra Bullock...and the woman who starred on Everybody Loves Raymond, Gosh I do not know her name. Patricia something?

So, folks, were I to try to cast anybody in my favorite story of mine, I have absolutely no idea who I would pick.  I'd love to get Sam Elliot do something just so I could listen to his voice.  Most of the other actors I recognize are, well, dead.  My fault in that I watch too much onTurner Classic Movies, I guess.

The sequel I am currently working on for Dead Dreams, tentative title Dead Meat, well, I have to come up with someone with sandy hair, broad shoulders, looking good in jeans and a sports jacket, who can off vampires without compunction.  Right off the bat, I can't name anybody. As for the female star, blank blank blank.

But, I have a ghost story almost ready to go up on Amazon.  There are ghost people and live people.  The ghosts I guess could be older actors while the living have to be, well, early thirties is too old.

Anybody with any ideas, feel free to comment.  Then, when the book sells to a movie maker, I'll have a cast list ready.  And it better be better than the totally wrong casting in a certain Jersey girl's terrific book series that I love because they got every single character wrong but Lula and Vinnie the bail bondsman.

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