Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Truth vs. fiction

Some of you may not know that I have been ill for quite some time.  Better now, but for a few years I was in pretty bad shape and am just now trying to get my feet on the ground and carry on.
I had cancer once, got over it, got it again somewhere else, got over that, but then I broke both my legs and still haven't quite gotten over that.
In between all this garbage (and it has been garbage, putting me way off my scheduled life) I did some writing, most of it pretty awful. I sent nothing out (a sin, yes, but true to my usual modus operendi) so nothing happened.

I can't even remember when I wrote Chatty Hooters.  It must have been some time inbetween the first and second cancer.  Using my one trip to England as reference, I wrote a ghost story that involved the living, too.  It is a good, solid story and I intend to put it up on Amazon for Kindle before Halloween because, well, who doesn't like a good ghost story?

Now to get to why I'm writing this blog.

When I first wrote the story, I invented the British Institute of Paranormal (or Psychic) Studies for my female character to represent.  I thought it was terribly clever, making up that acronym.  Very clever indeed.  So, I sort of tried to publicize my genius by posting that I had been selected as the sole American member of the prestigious institution (which did not exist).    Honestly, I was just joking around, many people knew I was involved with a ghost story wip.  Lots of people knew this.

Unfortunately, some people did not know and wrote back congratulations on this same loop.  I felt awful!  I didn't want my friends thinking I was a liar...I don't lie, I make up stories.
So, I had to confess that I was joking.  That there was no such B.I.P.S. and that I certainly didn't quailfy for membership if it DID exist.

Eventually, I changed the title of Chatty Hooters to Kiss My Ectoplasm.
Hopefully, it will be available before Halloween for everyone!

I'm still sort of ashamed, though.  But really, I didn't mean to trick anybody.  And I did confess to the intended joke....
Publicity isn't always done right.  Ya gotta be careful!

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  1. I will make the magic symbol of reconciliation over your head, and POW! You are forgiven. It says something about your story-telling skills, though, that people were so willing to go along with the story! I'll look for the book on Amazon!