Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back in the real world

As usual, after a conference, I'm charged up and rarin' to write.  I have to send out ms. of In Deep, my paranormal fantasy about Loch Ness, to three people.  Those I spoke to about it were wonderfully kind and enthusiastic.  So, wish me luck!

I had post cards of Dancin' in the Dark made up and, in an inspired act, stapled small bags of Swedish Fish candy to the back.  Put these on the goodie table on a seashore type tray and found that they were gone in about an hour!  If the people who took the postcards buy the book, I'll be delighted!  If they only enjoy the candy, well, okay, but they should still try out the book! 

The Liberty States Fiction Writers conference was truly a fun learning experience.  When it comes time to sign up again next year, I will post here to let everyone know.  If you love to write and love to read and want to get better at writing, have an opportunity to meet face to face with editors and agents and just have fun in an atmosphere geared to writing and publishing, join us!  It is well worth the trip to New Jersey just for the day!

Thank you to all who made it possible.  Special hugs to Caridad, Rayna, Gail, Shelley, Carolyn, MJ, Jon Gibbs, Michele, Penny, Linda, know how you are, you're all beautiful!

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