Friday, May 6, 2022

So many things happening, not all of them good

 Let's see.

Still no word about the prostate cancer.

Still no counselors for either family members who need them.

Sometimes I think I should be the one who needs a shrink, but then, I have all of you to listen to my shit.

It is raining. We have nothing new planted in the gardens yet.  Some of the perennials have poked through and look hearty, or hardy, but there are huge gaps in the garden.

Daughter #1 and her husband are coming up to make me dinner for mother's day. Daughter #2 is in upstate NY watching CATS for the second time.

My mother in law turned 100 and is still in pretty good shape!!!

My gallbladder needs to come out. My A1c is too high at 7.9.

Yeah, I know.

This is Dick. From my early reading days. He hasn't changed one bit.

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  1. See Irene. See Irene going through shit. Shit shit shit. Poor Irene. I love her. ❤