Friday, July 2, 2021

Late June, 1963

 Back in the early 60s, two horse crazy girls attended the huge horse show in Johnson's Park in New Brunswick, NJ.

It was what they looked forward to every year...must have gone to the show for many years, though I cannot number them now. At least from 1961, that's for sure.

They reveled in the fact that they bore "exhibitors" badges, obtained from a local horseman who frequented the tavern owned by one of the girl's fathers. It made them get into the festivities and the horses without question.

Too bad neither had a horse to exhibit.

Too bad they had nothing other than love of horses to keep them going through the heat of early summer.

But it was wonderful, being there among the riders. The smell of the horses surrounded the girls. The thrill of watching the events. Rising on invisible saddles when the horses performed so beautifully by clearing a jump. Seeing what they wanted for themselves but never obtained.

Reaching for the moon.

But for three days at the end of June for so many years, they were as close to heaven as they could get.

These people were so far beyond them. The wealth involved in keeping a horse, much less several, as whole families rode in numerous events. Their tent stables were lined with expensive tack and ribbons from events won. The jangling of the bridles as these wealthy few got their horses ready to show or removed the tack that would have to be cleaned for the next day.

Three days of heaven for little, silly, love struck girls.

I would go back in a second!

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