Friday, July 3, 2015

Say cheese!

Gawd. I look awful.
Just got a gander at the photo I posted of the husband and me together. Granted, it was about a year after chemo, but it doesn't look like the me I want to see.
It's reality.
It's ugly.
How can that be the same person...uh, yeah. It's me, all right.

Let's face it.
I got old.
Wrinkled. Grey haired. Fat. Fatter.

Now, just to make myself feel better, I oughtta look up photos of me when I was in my prime.  Too bad I can't get them into the computer...I may have to ask my kids.

The only one I have of me from a long time ago is this one, and I've posted it several times.  It makes me feel better, though, so you're gonna get it again.

This is August, 1970, right after the Army.

This is us, 2014. Not my best angle. Friends since 1960. You can't go back, though. The ravages of time.

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