Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gray day

So, not having written here in ages, I thought of something to write last night that was bound to bring comment after comment.
Only, come morning, I completely forgot what it was.

This happens more and more.  Evenings when I am sitting around doing nothing but thinking, I come up with all these great ideas.  Sometimes, I actually get up from the bed and write down a note or two, but mostly, since I am trying to go to sleep, I just lie there and stare at the ceiling or shut my eyes tightly and pretend that will get me to fall asleep.
It never works.

This morning at about 4:00 I woke up and ended up going downstairs to watch some television.  Whatever brainstorm I had had went down the tubes.

So I decided to watch Phineas and Ferb and think.  I did get tired enough to go upstairs, though.  And I was supposed to go shopping for Christmas presents this morning but I found a good Canadian movie instead and watched that to the end.

Okay, enough procrastination.
I hand wrote a scene weeks ago that I ought to put into the computer before the new one comes and I lose everything.

It starts out with Lee offering to split 60/40 with Maggie if she will stay and help him run the hotel.  Maggie considers the idea, but feels a little slighted after she makes a list of all she will be doing and all he will be  doing.

It's quite a list.
I really, really have to work on finishing this story.

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  1. Frustrated with automatic spelling changes. I do spell grey with an e, not an a.