Saturday, June 14, 2014

More stupidity

Okay, so we were in Wildwood.  The weather was lousy, rainy, cold, foggy.  There were times when the ocean disappeared.  So I had some time alone to write.
And I did!  Sixteen hundred words toward ending WWII, but really not that much closer.

I have to think and "see" the scenes before I write them.  The movie in my head doesn't always work.  These two fabulous scenes came about because someone's love story inspired me and I forced myself to write the other one.  Good character development, though, since this is women's fiction.

To my regret, we did not get to Long Beach Island because the motel claimed not have gotten our reservation.  So we came home early.

Even so.  I had a good time.  My characters had a great time and got further along in their story.  BUT, and this is a big one...I don't know where these scenes belong.

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