Wednesday, April 23, 2014


While I was watching a program on the Smithsonian Channel about this guy named Shockley (of course I forget his first name) I realized that my days of genius are gone.

Whoever this guy started out to be, he always thought, even as a young child, that he would win the Nobel Prize for something.  In the few minutes I watched the show, I learned that he got it for inventing along with the two more famous guys, the transistor.  We all know how important those things are.  In the background, mysterious and mystical formulas and mathematical equations floated.  They meant nothing to me.  They never will. But he is responsible for starting what is known as Silicon Valley and all the assorted scientific wonders that has produced.  He went around recruiting the best and the brightest men (humph) and got them to work together...inventing stuff. 
The show didn't say he invented anything after the transistor, though. Maybe he just sat around picking people out for their genius and let them do all the work.  I don't know.

Yesterday I saw one of my favorite Alien shows about Albert Einstein's brain.  Really.  And it went on and on about how he must have been visited by aliens when he went into one of his deep thought things.  He used to just sit quietly and think and all these cool things that nobody else can understand came to him.

Trance-like.  Far viewing.  Self-hypnosis.  Daydreaming?  Whatever it was he did, he came up with that totally incomprehensible stuff about bending space and finding wormholes in which to travel to far off stars and not age as much as the people you left behind.

Now, I think that's pretty much bullshit, but I'm not a genius in that way.  Besides, nobody has exactly proven that this will happen as they haven't been gone far enough away at the speed of light to prove it.  It's a THEORY and we are supposed to accept it as fact.

Well, I call shenanigans!

If I sit real still and think inside my brain, I come up with ideas for stories.  There are some people in this world who cannot picture things in their minds unless they see a photo or something in National Geographic...and then they have to strain to come up with a description of what they've seen.  I imagine these people do not become writers.  For all their genius, for all they think of space bending and mass equaling such and such...I think I'd rather have the brain I have.

Even if it is starting to forget more than you'll ever know.

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  1. Everyone has a gift. Making up stories is a good gift. :-)