Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last night my family left me to my own devices.  Television was pretty awful, reruns and even rerun aliens, so I started surfing and, what to my surprise, I found a Japanese Monster movie...Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.
I had seen the really old Mechagodzilla movies but this one, lucky for me, was new for me.  It was made in 1996, but somehow, it slipped away from me.

Of course it was campy. Of course it was silly in parts.  Of course there is a tall, well built good-looking guy and a sweet girl but they never got together.  I wondered about that. Never in these movies, even when, as in the original, the girl is engaged to the hero, there is no hand-holding or what have you, no affection other than perhaps a look and some inappropriate dialogue between the two characters.

Now, considering what I have seen and heard about the Japanese male propensity for pornography, this seems quite the reverse.  Anti-porn.
Maybe it is exactly that. Maybe these movies are intended for children.  If that is the case, and the Japanese folks and censors don't want kids seeing affection between men and women (or anything else other than a baby monster) how do these kids grow up to be gung-ho about pornography?

Another question to ponder into the night.

Like I need more.

But this was a fun movie and it lasted until almost midnight when the wayward family started coming home.

My life is full.

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