Friday, January 18, 2013

Dang cold

Can you believe it?
I've got a cold.
I've got a whopper of a cold and have had it for about three weeks now.
Supposedly, according to my NP, my lungs are clear.

My head, however, is full of gross stuff that occasionally decides to come out.  All wastebaskets in the house are full of snotty tissues. I've gone through two boxes of Kleenex, not the little ones but the giant ones you get from Costco.

And I'm not the only one.  Husband and one daughter are also afflicted, so the tissues add up and the health gets no better.

Hack, hack, hack.  Snort, snort, snort.  Gag.  Choke.  Blow.  Sneeze. Blow.  Repeat often.

According to Facebook, I am in good company.  Lots of people share this affliction and it is NOT the flu.  Oh, no, I have my shots, no flu, whooping cough or pertussis, whatever the hell that is.
It is a cold. 

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