Friday, August 24, 2012

A scene from Hell

Got a story idea while in the shower yesterday morning.
It will be a sequel to Dead Dreams.

One ofthe best scenes ever for a vampire/unvampire story yet.  I am willing to be it is completely new and unused.

Stay tuned.

Jim sensed their presence long before he heard the click click of toenails on the rough macadam surface. It echoed through the canyons of containers lined up on the crowded Charleston dock. Soon enough, he heard the panting.
Low to the ground. They hadn't transformed. Perhaps allowing the dockworkers to think they were a local feral pack aided them in their rounds. Perhaps they changed into what their inner selves decided. Big and black-furred for the alpha male, smaller yet equally as vicious lesser males who actually did the killing.
Either way, there were about six of them. He'd caught them in human form but once, at the local watering hole.
They were the rough around the edges bad boys. Now they were the wild pack of vampire hounds.
Either way, he had to figure out a way to kill the entire pack in one fell swoop.

Therein lay the problem as Jim saw it.

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