Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coming soon!

My venture into the world of novellas for ninety nine cents has almost completed.  The story has been sent to Amazon for Kindle and we're waiting for it to go up.

Let me tell you, this story has taken a long time to get up. Thanks to my friend and fellow writer Aggie in Massachusetts, it is formatted beautifully.  (We still haven't been able to help Dancin' in the Dark that way.)  Thanks to Karyn my wonderful artist/opera singing daughter for a lovely changed cover on which she spent hours and hours.  Thanks to Elyse, the computer whiz and geoscientist for getting the version submitted to Amazon. has to be changed.  The initial price has to be changed immediately and the author, who is decidedly NOT my lovely daughter Karyn, has got to be changed.  She does write, but she didn't write this.

See if you can spot what was changed in the cover from here.

Of course my name is on it!  But the picture won't show it.  The change does appear.

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