Monday, August 20, 2018

Yes, she did

I wholeheartedly applaud Mayor Muriel Bowser for single handedly stopping the Big Parade.

Muriel Bowser

Photo of Mayor Muriel Bowser
Muriel Bowser serves as Washington, DC’s seventh elected Mayor.  Sworn in on January 2, 2015, she pledged to bring a fresh start to the District of Columbia, create pathways to the middle class for residents, and foster a culture of inclusion, transparency and action. 

If the men can't or won't do it, as usual, it is up to a woman.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Body Parts

Old story.
The parts of the body were arguing over which was most important.
The brain stated, "I am, because I do all the thinking for the body and the world."

After some short time, the heart responded, "No, I am, because I deal with the relationships and love and sort things out that way. You must admit, I am the most important body part."

After a long time, the lowly anus decided to say something. "You're both good parts, and useful, but I am the most useful of all. Without me, you all are nothing."

Aghast, the other body parts all protested. "No way. Idiot. What does it think it is?"

So, the anus decided to prove its point and shut down. Completely.

The brain started to get fuzzy, unable to think of anything but the bathroom.
The heart actually started pumping erratically, missing some beats altogether. 
Every other part of the body got really messed up.

Finally, after a week, the body called on the anus. "Oh, please! You were right! You are the most important part of us all."

Smugly, the anus released its grip
to the relief of the entire bodily organization.

So, we know which part of the body is the most important, the most valuable.

Sometimes I wonder which part I am.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Boss 'n' Me Around

Yes, I am a big fan. He represents the wild New Jersey of my secret life...basically the summer of 1965 with Sandy down the shore. We saw him there, on the boardwalk. Did not know what he would become.

But, as usual, I digress.

I had a dream this morning that lasted a very long time.

It involved me singing backup for Bruce while he started work on an epic, the song that would be the end all of all his creations.

Only trouble is, he was working on it in a small meadow near a river/lake, with great acoustics because of the rise of land on either side. There were more than ten backup people and the band, but he was weeding people out who couldn't follow directions, who couldn't sing, who offered nothing to the composition.

Yeah, me. I was left with about five other people after a long process of him writing down words and music, eliminating what didn't work. I suggested one word change (my superior editing skills and vocabulary) and he used it. More people came. The day wore on.
Then it rained. Heavily. (pictures of flooding on the news here)

I had to wade through up to the top of my boots because he insisted on working in that same place. The water eventually ebbed.

Then two famous people came by to sing with him, along with Bigfoot, who had a great bass voice.

I was now working with him on the wording...waiting to see what would happen.

I woke up.

Thanks for the recognition, Bruce!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Me on YouTube

Well,well, well. I have hit the bigtime.

As you may know, my daughter has a YouTube channel.
She has been working on it for about a year and most of the time she opens boxes of foreign treats and tastes some of them so people can judge for themselves whether they're worth trying. Or buying the box.

She and her sister film in her apartment or in our living room or lately, in her old bedroom.
Karyn seldom appears on camera, but when they do anime conventions and K is selling her artwork, sometimes she gets caught in the lens.

Today, I was asked to be in a video.

Several weeks go, we got a suitcase of some of my old dolls as my nephew was cleaning out my mother's attic.

They were all just about 60 years old and in pretty bad shape, but they wanted to go through it and get my stories about the dolls. For them, let's face it, it is nearly ancient history.

So, I did it.

I told stories about my dolls.

Nostalgia caught me and I am afraid I went on a little too much.

If I sound like an idiot, I do hope the kid will edit me out.

But, when it gets put up on Wednesday, I will include the link for you all.

The very last doll I received is killer....

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Worst Day

When I can't sleep, I think of horrible things. I don't really intend to--they just pop into my mind and I'm stuck reliving horrors for long hours.
Last night, I struggled with what was the worst thing to happen to me in my life.
I came up with a huge list.  Self-pity played a part, but some crappy things have happened to me and I remembered them all. Every horrific one of them.
But, I did come up with the absolute worst day in my life. It lasted eight hours, but they were eight hours of terror and tears.
Nine years ago, I was told early in the morning that I had pancreatic cancer.
My husband was with me, we both were shocked and scared. I felt myself fold if all the fire and outrage and happiness just died or folded down like a paper fan. It was over. My life, my loves, my reason to go on, collapsed. Patrick Swayze had just died from pancreatic cancer. I knew it was a death sentence.
I thought about where I would be buried, after I sobbed about my kids and how I wouldn't be around for them, and for my Herb and how I didn't know how he would handle it. My mother...God, how could she handle it?
Then the pain doctor came to see me. I wanted to punch him in the face. He smiled as he told me that he would make sure I felt no pain in the end, but that wouldn't be for months, perhaps.
I couldn't believe his attitude and told him so.
He didn't understand that I didn't appreciate him smiling!
Then some young woman came through the doorway, She looked at me, but that pain guy was still there and he got all huffy and told her to "get out of the room, can't you see I'm with my patient?"
She slid out of the room.
Hell, I thought she was a candy striper or something, she looked so  young.
He left, pretty much still bent out of shape.
About eight hours had passed by this time. Eight hours of death.
Re-enter young woman,
"It isn't pancreatic cancer, Mrs. Peterson. It is lymphoma, and we can treat that with an excellent chance of complete remission."
This was after 11 days in the hospital in horrific pain, being tested and prodded and biopsied and no shower and a phone bill of about $400.
I cried again. Herb was with me this time, also, and we cried in each others' arms.
But, yes, dying for eight hours has to be the worst day of my life.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

I'm not good with surprises

Surprises scare me.
I don't like people jumping out of the dark at me. I don't like "fun" houses. I am not fond of buzzing noises that turn out to be bees or mosquitos.
Getting mail in my name scares me.
Getting bills scare me.
My husband's health scares me, even though everything seems to be okay.
I had some horrible thoughts earlier and I am scared.
How do I make them go away?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Darius Rucker has a new album out. The title song is "When was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?"
I had to think about that.
I've been doing a little traveling lately, not too far away, just Lancaster PA and Mystic CN, but I'd been to both places before. I did see and do some things like look at model trains and see some Viking artifacts, but when it comes right down to it, I had done similar things previously.
Hell, I've put together model train sets, though I saw lots more, but in fact, they were new but not new.
Okay, I saw lots more Viking stuff in NY a long time ago...many more on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. These were different, and lots fewer than the Met, but in essence, quite the same.
So, what have I done that I'd never done before?
I had shepherd's pie in PA.
I had lobster roll in CN.
It has come to this.
Is it time to step out of my comfort zone and actually try something I've never done before?
We shall see. Should the opportunity come up, I will seize it.